Pitko P (street water tap)

A design for a unified street source of drinkable water. They are already using it in Prague, for more news keep checking our facebook!
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(photos by Kris Týna)

What do you need to know?

  • Why the “P” in the name? It is perfectly clear: It is P as in “Public Tap”, which translates as "Pitko" in Czech... so it simply looks like a “P”!

  • "Do you need to clean your hands? Or wash some fruits you've bought on the market? And maybe you are visiting town and you would just like to fill up your water bottle or cool up your face in a hot day... On most occasions, sadly, you have no option. But apparently every city would like to be a cultural space and provide its inhabitants and visitors high standard of living. And that is why we've designed "Pitko P"..."

  • "A source of water in city streets is important and today it should be natural to let people use this source in a cultivated way. Pitko P could become a symbol of everyday city life and it might also help setting up comfort for 21st century..."