1mmOfWood (maple)

Veneer pocket for magazines and other stuff... because 1 millimetre of wood does just fine!
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0,5 kg
EUR 18
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What do you need to know?

  • 1mmOfWood is meant to store rolled up magazines or other soft items weighing 0,5 kg in total
  • Wooden belt is made of unprocessed wood so it must not get in touch with fluids, dampness or grease
  • Every wooden belt is naturally unique so its surface may contain colour spots, tiny cracks or bumps
  • The polished side of the stainless steel plate is to face the interior, the other side can show traces of manufacturing process
  • 1mmOfWood is a fragile object so it is not recommended to be used by children
  • Package contains one wooden belt, one stainless steel plate and two screws with 4mm wall anchors
  • Dimensions after assembly: 33 x 15 cm
  • Made in Czech Republic