DEKL (a cover for a washed concrete trash bin)

This is DEKL – a cover for a washed concrete trash bin. There are hundreds of them in Prague and they will live with us for years to come. So why not improve them a bit, right?
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EUR 203
available upon request

What do you need to know?

  • Completely made of stainless steel, tilting lid included.

  • Simple but heavy-duty frame for maximum durability.

  • Universal size to fit on every circular K02 type trash bin.

  • Graphics are burned directly into the steel using laser technology.

  • Special anti-theft assembly.

  • In case the bin's concrete edge is seriously damaged it can be easily repaired with quick cement as soon as the cover is mounted on (see photo).

  • Dimensions: diameter 52 cm, height 17 cm.

  • Made in Czech Republic