FLIP FLAP (bed 160 x 70 cm)

After a day full of joy and adventurous activities you need a good rest. Our airy bed is neither too high, nor too low, it is just right... you can calmly lie down and let yourself be carried to the land of sweet dreams.
If a bed looks timeless, kids like to keep it even in their teen years... FLIP FLAP lasts with you longer!
70 kg
8,9 kg
available upon request

What do you need to know?

  • The bed is to be used with 160 x 70 cm mattress.

  • 45/40 cm (head/foot height), 24 cm (sideboard height), 166 cm (length), 74 cm (width).

  • Bed's weight is only 8,9 kg (without a bed base).

  • Its surface can be cleaned using water-moistened cloth, mild cleaning agents or alcohol.

  • Its maximum load capacity is 70 kg.

  • The bed is for lying and seating only.

  • Current price includes a bed base 1,5 cm thick.

  • Current price does NOT include a mattress (it can be supplied upon request).

  • Made in Czech Republic