FLIP FLAP (cabinet)

Clothing, sports equipment and also some toys are better to be put in an enclosed space where they don't catch too much dust. Our cabinet is here for these occasions! It is possible to stack several cabinets one on top of another, so there will never be a storage space shortage. Also you can combine the cabinet with FLIP FLAP shelf and make some variations.
Our cabinet is designed in a way that makes it suitable even for a student's room. FLIP FLAP lasts with you longer!
10 kg
8,8 kg
available upon request

What do you need to know?

  • 45 cm (height), 91 cm (length), 35 cm (width).

  • Cabinet's weight is only 8,8 kg.

  • Its surface can be cleaned using water-moistened cloth, mild cleaning agents or alcohol.

  • Maximum load capacity of every horizontal desk is 10 kg.

  • The cabinet is NOT meant for sitting or stepping on.

  • Made in Czech Republic