Pitko P (street water tap)

A design for a unified street source of drinkable water. They are already using it in Prague, for more news keep checking our facebook!
Do you want Pítko P to be a part of your architectural project? Write us to design@epst.cz!
(photos by Kris Týna)
EUR 2.407
available upon request

What do you need to know?

  • Why the “P” in the name? It is perfectly clear: It is P as in “Public Tap”, which translates as "Pitko" in Czech... so it simply looks like a “P”!

  • Leftover water falls right into the letter P and drains through its leg, so there is no usual street „swamp“ created around.

  • Body is made of stainless steel and all water pipings are made from food processing materials.

  • Includes a heavy-duty Italian valve for switching on/off by stepping on it – you can switch the water tap on in the most hygienic way and you hands stay free for refreshment. The water flows only as long as you keep your foot on the valve.

  • The valve can be switched on even with a front wheel of a wheelchair.

  • Dimensions: height 150 cm, leg 26 x 3 cm, arch of the P 50 x 50 cm

  • Made in Czech Republic